Smart reliable solutions for watering


Plastic products and accessories.


Heating and water supply without limits. Brass form is one of the largest Greek production companies and for its needs maintains two covered spaces with a total area of ​​5000 sq.m. in Mandra, Attica, where she carries out all her work Its products are known to engineers and installers of heating and water supply items with complete proposals that stand out for their excellent functionality, finish, special design and special packaging.


Plastic pipes and fittings Interplast produces high quality plastic pipes and fittings that are applicable to water, heating and sewerage systems covering a wide range in the fields of construction, technical works and industrial installations. The purpose of the company is to design, develop and market products and integrated solutions that meet the needs of modern construction and improve the quality of life by creating a relationship of trust with the technical world and the consumer public.


Tubes & Hoses “DRIVAPLAST” made its appearance in the field of sewerage, in 1970. From its foundation until today, it follows a steady, upward trend both in terms of production and in terms of development of its products. The efficient cooperation with its customers, the continuous improvement and the complete range of its products are a guarantee in the Greek market. It wisely and consistently presents a series of pipes and sewerage fittings with a permanent selection criterion of the offered reliability and economy.


Grinding systems, adhesive tapes, sandpaper, Scotch products Butterfly valves Steel pipes seamless Air intake – exhaust valves Tapes, gauze Iron pipe fittings Elastic stop valves, non-return valves and fittings made of malleable cast iron Brass taps & accessories
Spatulas, scrapers, trowels, rollers, handles, brushes Power tools, garden tools Well covers & rain grates Cutting & grinding discs Hydraulic control valves (pressure reducer, shock absorbers, float solenoid valves) Machines & tools for pipe processing Iron pipes – Black & galvanized construction pipes Screwdrivers grooving machines, freezers, crabs, drills, screwdrivers, tools for connection-assembly, inspection-maintenance Screwdrivers, screwdriver bits, adapters, spikes